Who we are

Jove Big Band Sedajazz is a new formation that comes after expanding the Sedajazz Kid Band to a Big Band format. Twenty-three musicians with a very clear objective: learn and enrich themselves with the repertoire of a Big Band.

The new Jove Big Band, the Kids Band, and the youngest one, the Happy Band, are the soul of Sedajazz. These children’s formations are born from the restlessness of the group of musicians for awakening the love for music and empowering talent from the educational base. With the aim of enjoying through learning, the children of these formations from Sedajazz have become an example to follow.

Fco. Blanco «Latino»- Director
Juanito Saus – Alto Sax
Camila Eirín – Alto sax, Flute
Roque Garcia – Tenor Sax
Xavi Maldonado – Tenor Sax and Clarinet
Angela Blanco – Flute, Alto Sax
Aurora Blanco – Soprano Sax and Voice
Nino Villanueva – Trumpet
Jose Luis Rodrigo – Trumpet
Josep Peiró – Trumpet
Guillem Cotanda – Trumpet
Oscar Lujan – Trumpet
Laura Martí – Trumpet
Nur El Manchoud – Voice and Trumpet

David Martí – Trombone
Juan Martí – Trombone
Angel Ballester – Trombone
Joan Fernández – Trombone
Albert Climent – Trombone
Hadriel Benedito — Trombne
Eva Serrano – Double bass
Bernat Cucarella – Vibraphone
Hugo Barrio – Drums
Pau Montalt – Latin percussion
Mika Gimenez – Piano and Melodica
Amin El Manchoud – Piano
Ximo Reillo – Voice, Drums and Sax